The meditations of Marcus Aurelius- PDF ebooks by various translators

The meditations of Marcus Aurelius

The meditations of Marcus Aurelius-  PDF ebooks

Marcus Aurelius is one of the most virtuous rulers in history, he wrote his thoughts for consolations and to remind himself of good wisdom and quotations that he heard and read.

This book is not just classical literature but a study in human nature,unfortunately human nature have not change since the writing of Marcus Aurelius. This book is inspiring and life changing treasure.

All books are in the public domain

1- The golden book of Marcus Aurelius - Meric Casaubon

Translated by Meric Casaubon (1599 - 1671)

Meric Casaubon was the son of Isaac Casaubon, a French-English classical scholar. He was the first to translate the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius into English. He is the first to translate this book into English. 
This edition is published by London, Dent, New York, Dutton - Contains illustrations - good editing

Download  13.2 MB - PDF ebook 

2- Marcus Aurelius Antoninus to himself -Gerald Henry Rendall (1851-1945)

An English translation with an introductory study on stoicism and the last of the Stoics

Gerald Henry Rendall was an English educator and college administrator, born at Harrow, where his father was an assistant master. He was educated at Harrow and at Trinity College, Cambridge, graduating BA as 4th Classic in 1874. He was a fellow and assistant tutor at Trinity from 1875 to 1880.

This book is an introduction to Stoicism and the translation at the end of the book. 

Published by London; New York: Macmillan

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3 -  The meditations of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus - George Long ( 1800 – 1879)

George Long (4 November 1800 – 10 August 1879) was an English classical scholar; Long was born at Poulton-le-Fylde; He was a Craven university scholar in 1821.

Published by New York: F. M. Lupton Publishing Co

Download 8.9 MB - PDF ebook

4-  The communings with himself  of Marcus Aurelius - C.R. Haines

Together with his speeches and sayings; a revised text and a translation into English by C.R. Haines - Contains illustrations - Charles Reginald Haines. British classical scholar (1856-1935)
Published by  London W. Heinemann

Download 11.9 MB - PDF ebook

5- Meditations- John Jackson (1881-1952)

Good Translation by John Jackson but Introduction by Charles Bigg who was a Church of England clergyman, and theologian, he attacked Stoicism unfairly because he was a jealous and zealous Christian who did not want young people to follow rational philosophy like Stoicism.

Download  6.4 MB

The meditations of Marcus Aurelius in the French Language

Les pensées de marc-Auréle ( The meditations of Marcus Aurelius in French) 

Translated by A. P. LEVERANCIER - 1921
Publisher:  Paris: Librairie Félix Alcan

Download 6 MB 
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