War with disease - PDF book by Frederick F. McCabe

War with disease 

War with disease

We in the Army are probably brought more into direct contact with epidemics of disease, such as that which occurred at Bloemfontein, than are the average civilians. Consequently, we are better able to realize their terrible effects. Surgeon-Lieutenant MacCabe's lectures will prove to you that these diseases are not irresistible.

 They can be fought and defeated in just the same way as any other enemy, by the organization, initiative, and suitable strategy. It is simply a question of correctly weighing the powers of our enemy and adopting the best plan for defeating him. Surgeon- Lieutenant MacCabe will put this before you in a most convincing manner, in plain, straightforward language, which you can not only understand yourselves, but which will be easy for you to pass on to squadrons, troops, and sections respectively.

Some of the contents 


Introductory — Our plan of campaign — Physiology of the Blood — How to keep the blood in order — Drinking between meals — Enteric and flies and dust — How to get men to avoid drinking dirty water — Causes of enteric fever at home — Anti-enteric inoculating — War's death- roll from sickness — Object of the course of lectures - 1-20

Tubercular diseases — The bacillus of tubercle — How it may be fought — The effects of an open-air life — Pneumonia — Influenza — Small-pox — Venereal diseases — The prevention of these diseases — The loss caused by them to the army — The gonococcus attacking the eyes - 21-41

Life in the tropics — The action of whiskey on the liver — The protozoon of malaria — INIosquitoes — Malaria at Ismailia — The fight with mosquitoes — The tiger mosquito and yellow fever — Malta fever — Fleas and plague — Dysentery ------ 42-62

The predisposing causes of disease — Training — The advantages of deep breathing — Constipation — How prevented — Uses of permanganate of potash — Our camps in the Crimea — Camp si es fouled by urine — Notes on camp hygiene— Faeces the favourite breeding-ground of flies— The Russian military medical service — Surgeon-General Havard's report— Baths in war-time— The ration biscuit — Conclusion

Health and fitness— Soldiers and the invisible foe: disease— Training— How to fight thirst— Effects of excessive smoking on the heart— Venereal diseases— Precautions to be taken on foreign service— Precautions against tetanus— The prevention of sore feet— Conclusion

Publication date: (1909) 


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