YOU CAN - PDF book by George Matthew Adams

You can; a collection of brief talks on the most important topic in the world's success

There's a man in the world who is never turned down, wherever he chances to stray; he gets the glad hand in the populous town, or out where the farmers make hay; he's greeted with pleasure on deserts of sand, and deep in the aisles of the woods; wherever he goes there's the welcoming hand — he's The Man Who Delivers The Goods. 

The failures of life sit around and complain; the gods haven't treated them white; they've lost their umbrellas whenever there's rain, and they haven't their lanterns at night; men tire of the failures who fill with their sighs the air of their own neighbourhoods; there's one who is greeted with love- lighted eyes — he's The Man Who Delivers The Goods. One fellow is lazy, and watches the clock, and waits for the whistle to blow; and one has a hammer, with which he will knock, and one tells a story of woe; and one, if requested to travel a mile, will measure the perches and roods; but one does his stunt with a whistle or smile — he's The Man Who Delivers The Goods. One man is afraid that he'll labor too hard — the world isn't yearning for such; and one man is always alert, on his guard, lest he put in a minute too much; and one has a grouch or a bad temper, and one is a creature of moods; so it's hey for the joyous and rollick- ing lad — for the One Who Delivers The Goods. 

— Walt Mason

You Can You CAN make yourself anything

 the germ of which lives within you. But to realize your full possibilities — to Dominate and Achieve — you must have High Aims, Ideals, and Ambitions — all linked to an Iron Will. You determine the height to which you shall Climb. Have you the Summit in view? All right — Then Start for it. 

YOU CAN take command of yourself at any moment you desire to do so. You can make yourself a towering figure in the work of the world. No one owns you. One hundred per cent of the Stock in your personal Corporation belongs to you. The Little People of Destruction whine at your door, whine at the door of every forceful man. You can make them mere Pygmies in their Power over you: 

Future. Are you doing this Now? Well- Then Keep it up! 

YOU CAN get Smiles and Cheer Continued Youth — simply by sticking to your own craft and running your- own pilot wheel with "Your Best" as the Place of Port. Results will take care of themselves. Never mind the Sneers, the Criticisms, the Misjudments of others. Time will fade them all away from you if your Accumulated Strength of Character has taught you how to Wait. Today is Yesterday's plans put into action. Tomorrow begins today. Your Worth to yourself and the World is measured by what you contribute each day in Usefulness. Success is the sum of the Days. Then Do Today.

Publication date: 1913

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