Insect wonderland by Constance M. Foot - Children Book PDF

Insect wonderland by Constance M.  Foot with Illustrations 

Insect wonderland
Insect wonderland 

The kind reception accorded to my little book Science through Stories encouraged me to feel that there might be an opening for another book upon similar lines. 

I have, therefore, chosen for the subject of this volume some simple facts concerning the Insect World, and have selected one or more specimens from each of the seven great natural orders of insects according to the Linnean system of division.

 I have endeavored to treat the subject with the same simplicity as in my previous book, and trust that it may prove equally acceptable as an educational reader for the Kindergarten, or as a book to be read by mothers merely for the amusement of their little folks.


A rose bush and an early thrush talk together about the beauty of the spider's web nearby. In the course of the conversation, the thrush refers to the spider as an "insect." The latter overhears the remark and becomes very indignant, saying, to their surprise, that he is not an insect. 
They ask him to explain in what way he differs from one. 

The thrush flies away, and the discussion is taken up by a neighboring lavender- bush and a tall Japanese anemone, to whom the spider tells a great deal about himself and his many relations, particularly the Trap-door spiders.

Publication date: 1910


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