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Who is to be master of the world? : an introduction to the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche (1914) PDF book

Friedrich Nietzsche
Friedrich Nietzsche

Dear Mr. Ludovici, — You want me to write an introduction to your lectures? Well, you may have one — you may have one in this letter, which I allow you to reproduce verbatim in your book. To begin with then: I like your lectures — I think them, in their lucidity, even the best I have read in your language — but I hardly like the notion of your giving lectures on Nietzsche, because I think it contrary to the spirit of your great master to do this. I think it wrong to instruct people — if you have something to instruct them with. People ought to be instructed by those who have nothing to say, nothing to give, nothing to teach, nothing to do.

 These teachers of nothing do more good than you: they make us slaves, and you know that according to your master, all higher culture must be based upon slavery. Why then interfere with the natural process of enslavement, of stultification, of education which is going on around us? Why not act up to your Machiavellian principles, and rather lecture on the drama, socialism, folklore, the sins of the upper classes, or the sanitation of May fair? Why make a creed popular, which ought to remain esoteric?

I am going to speak to you of Friedrich Nietzsche — the Immoralist.

 A philosopher is more difficult to understand, and yet more full of riches for those who do understand him, it would be hard to find. Why should I wish to speak to you of Nietzsche? The literature which has grown around his name and philosophy is already enormous. If you have read a third of it, you are already informed concerning him. Nietzsche died but eight years ago, and he is now one of the most striking figures of modern European philosophy.

 It is with the deepest regret, however, that the inquirer into his life and works, gradually realizes how completely and often maliciously, he has been misinterpreted and misjudged; — not only by ignorant commentators and by many of those learned professors who have been lured to the exposition of his works by the latter's inherent fascination, but even by his best and oldest friends as well.

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