The book of the new moral world (1836) by Robert Owen (Socialism) PDF book

The book of the new moral world (1836) by Robert Owen (Socialism) PDF book

The book of the new moral world

Robert Owen, a Welsh textile manufacturer, philanthropist, and social reformer was one founder of utopian socialism and the cooperative movement. He is known for efforts to improve factory working conditions for his workers and promote experimental socialistic communities

Society has emanated from fundamental errors of the imagination, and all the institutions and social arrangements of man over the world have been based on these errors. Society is, therefore, through all its ramifications, artificial and corrupt, and, in consequence, ignorance, falsehood, and grave folly alone govern all the affairs of mankind. Under your reign, Sire, the change from this system with all its evil consequences, to another founded on self- evident truths, ensuring happiness to all, will, in all probability, be achieved; and your name, and the names of those who now govern the nations of the world, will be recorded, as prominent actors, in a period the most important that has ever occurred in the history of mankind.
The world, in its present mental darkness, will rashly pronounce this change to be impracticable; or, if practicable, that it will be the work of ages. Herein all men err. The great circumstances of nature and the existing state of human affairs are fully ripe for the change; no one material is deficient, and man cannot longer govern man, without forming a union of governments and nations to effect this change. As the change will be permanently beneficial for high and low, rich and poor, it may be affected by wise general arrangements, in peace, in order, and with high gratification to all nations and people.
At the termination of the late war of, what is called, the civilized nations, an alliance was formed by the leading governments to protect each other from individual national revolutions; and it was a wise measure to prevent premature changes in each state, — changes desired by the people before they had acquired wisdom to give such changes a right direction.

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