Russian-English dictionary -PDF book by B. G. Anpilogova

Russian-English dictionary PDF book by  B. G. Anpilogova 

Russian-English dictionary PDF book

This book is intended for students studying Russian with or without a teacher (in study groups, at courses, etc.] outside the Russian linguistic milieu. It is a dictionary, i.e., besides lists of the commonest Russian words (vocabulary) with English translations, it gives grammatical characteristics of the words and illustrative material, explaining not only the meanings of the words but their uses as well. The illustrative material consists of phrases and sentences showing the meanings of the words, and brief contexts, which are traditional, ordinary, semantically stable or, in any case, very commonly used,

The vocabulary comprises some 3,000 of the commonest Russian words. At the end of the Dictionary, thematic word lists are supplied, which widen the scope of the vocabulary. It is hoped that the study of the lexico-grammatical material of the Dictionary will provide the necessary foundation for a conversation on various everyday subjects and reading of modern Russian fiction and periodicals without consulting a Russian-English dictionary too often.

Every article in this Dictionary includes the word under consideration in its initial form and defines it grammatically (either stating what part of speech it is or giving its forms). If a word has several meanings, only the commonest of these are given, each under a separate figure. Homonyms are entered as separate words marked 1, 2, 3, etc. Derivatives are not generally given in the same article as their root words but as caption words since the Dictionary is based on an exact word count.

 The part of speech is indicated only in the case of adverbs, numerals, pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions, and particles. Nouns, verbs, and adjectives have no such labels, as their grammatical characteristics given in the article define them clearly enough.

Author: B. G. Anpilogova

Moscow Progress Publisher
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