Modern science and modern thought - Samuel Laing - PDF book

Modern science and modern thought

Modern science and modern thought
Modern science and modern thought 

The object of this book is to give a clear and concise view of the principal results of Modern Science, and of the revolution which they have affected in Modern Thought. I do not pretend to discover fresh facts or to propound new theories, but simply to discharge the humbler though still useful task of presenting what has become the common property of thinking minds, in a popular shape, which may interest those who lack time and opportunity for studying special subjects in more complete and technical treatises.

I have endeavoured also to give unity to the subjects treated, by connecting them with leading ideas: in the case of Science, that of the gradual progress from human standards to those of almost infinite space and duration, and the prevalence of law throughout the universe to the exclusion of supernatural interference; in the case of Thought, the bearings of these discoveries on old creeds and philosophies, and on the practical conduct of life. 

The endeavour to show how much religion can be saved from the shipwreck of theology has been the main object of the second part. Those who are acquainted with the scientific literature of the day will at once see how much I have been indebted to Darwin, Lyell, Lubbockj Huxley, Proctor, and other well-known writers. In fact, the first part of this book does not pretend to be more than a compendious popular abridgement of their works. I prefer, therefore, acknowledging my obligations to them once and for all, rather than encumbering each page by detailed references. 

The second part contains more of my own reflections on the important subjects discussed and must stand or fall on their own merits rather than on authority. I can only say that I have endeavoured to treat these subjects in a reverential spirit and that the conclusions arrived at are the result of a conscientious and dispassionate endeavour to arrive at " the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth."

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  • Author: Samuel Laing -
  • Publication date:  1885
  • Remark London, Chapman and Hall, Limited

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