Psychology of high school subjects - PDF by Charle Hubbard Judd

Psychology of high school subjects

Psychology of high school subjects
Psychology of high school subjects

It is more difficult to prepare a book on applied science than to write a book on pure science. Applied science touches so many fields of thought and action that there are twenty critics ready to point out difficulties where only one would appear against a volume on pure science. In the following pages 

I have been guilty of excursions into the territory of the teacher of English, into the stronghold of Latin, into the newly established domains of science and manual arts. I have made observations in these various quarters from the point of view of the psychologist. 

Many of these observations will be looked upon by my colleagues in psychology as unpsychological; many will be regarded by specialists in English, Latin, science, and the manual arts as biased and ill-advised. It is the fate of anyone who attempts to contribute to applied science to draw upon himself abundant criticism. 

The only opportunity which one has of making a remark of a purely personal type is in the preface, I am constrained to point out that it is not at all unlikely that many of the specialists will say that I ought to keep within the bounds of my own field will unhesitatingly talk' in psychological terms which they cannot justify. It would be easy to point to cases where psychology has been used but not applied, where the name of the science of education has been set up as a defence by those who are altogether unscientific.

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  • Author:  Charle Hubbard Judd
  • Publication date: 1915
  • Remark   Boston, New York [etc.] Ginn and Company

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