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Might is Right

The survival of the fittest

The survival of the fittest

Cromwell hacked a king’s head off, and Bonaparte pumped shot and shell into Socialistic Absolutism. During the Dark Ages when the Cross was supreme, all heroic Ideals in book form, were rooted out, and the Authors were roasted alive; amid the hurrahs of faith-frenzied mobs. 

But the deeds of Napoleon, Atilla, and Cromwell were, in the end, an effective if belated substitute, for the Thoughts that had been so cleverly suppressed. How these men (by their actions) spat upon Golden Rules and Sermons on the Mount? How they scorned the pitiful “Thou Shalt Nots” that enslave and emasculate the Vulgar and the Vile—who dream themselves the holy and the pure? 

Then came riving thunderbolts of Gibbon, Darwin, and Spencer; and now the hypnotic myth, that centres around the execution of a Hebrew slave, stands bare before an astounded (but semi-convalescent) wrnrld as a vast political Hoax—a lunatic attempt to turn the world upside down. Gibbon tore the historical Lie into fragments. Darwin proved man to be an evolved protozoan, subject to all the restrictive pressure that the protozoa are subject to. 

Spencer followed demonstrating the order of Majesty of Natural Law. In strict sequence this volume supplements Darwin, Gibbon, and Spencer; concentrating their Principia into one scientific and logical Assertive. Women will find much in this book for them to honestly consider. 

In these pages, the feminine is classified as a bewitching animal, whose grandest occupation is to duplicate valorous sons. Altogether “The Logic of Power” is a most remarkable contribution to the study of racial Decay. Undoubtedly it is bound to meet with the antagon¬ ism of University-Monkeries and the hatred of Idolaters, yet it is destined to have a potent influence (for weal or woe) over the destiny of this and other nations.

details :
  • Author:  Ragnar Redbeard
  • Publication date: 1910
  • Remark London, S. Sonnenschein; New York, Macmillan

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