How we defended Arábi and his friends - PDF by Alexander Broadley,

How we defended Arábi and his friends

How we defended Arábi and his friends

about two months have now elapsed since I first told the story of Arabi's defence in this volume. I have certainly much reason to be grateful for the kind indulgence which the majority of my numerous critics have shown me. 

The past sixty days have been unusually eventful ones in the history of Egypt, but I must frankly confess that I see nothing in the recent development of events which would cause me to alter or even modify the general conclusions I arrived at. Since this book was published Cherif Pacha has resigned office as President of the Egyptian Council of Ministers, and Nubar Pacha now reigns in his stead. General Gordon is, as I write, on his road to Khartoum to prevent, if possible, any further disasters in the Soudan. 

The aims and objects of his mission are somewhat confused, but I take it he has been sent to Equatorial Egypt to bring about some settlement — the best settlement possible — under the circumstances. To the uninitiated observer, his undertaking would certainly seem to involve several very patent contradictions of purpose. It is difficult to see
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  • Author: Alexander Broadley,
  • Publication date: 1884
  • Remark  London, Chapman and Hall

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