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Thomas Davidson
Thomas Davidson

Thomas Davidson (1840-1900), a peripatetic Scottish-American scholar, was part of the emergent "transatlantic community of discourse" among intellectuals in the late nineteenth century who sought a "via media," a middle path between positivism and idealism. 

Davidson published ten books, and at least three-dozen articles, and displayed a unique ability to arrive in a city and quickly organize local intellectuals into discussion groups and reform organizations. There is evidence that John Dewey and William James were both influenced by Davidson's philosophy of religion and his critique of Hegel.

Moreover, many British "ethical socialists" claimed Davidson inspired them to study American Transcendentalism. Yet in spite of his accomplishments, historians largely ignore Davidson today
The collection contains good books for education
  • A Handbook to Dante by Antonio Rosmini-Serbati - Translated by Thomas Davidson.
  • A history of education. by Thomas Davidson.
  • Aristotle and ancient educational ideals by Thomas Davidson.
  • Memorials of Thomas Davidson, the wandering scholar; 
  • Philosophers and scientists.
  • Rousseau and education according to nature by Thomas Davidson.
  • The education of the Greek people and its influence on civilization by Thomas Davidson.
  • The education of the wage-earners. by Thomas Davidson.  
  • The philosophical system of Antonio Rosmini-Serbati. by Thomas Davidson.
  • The philosophy of Goethe's Faust by Thomas Davidson.

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  • Author: Thomas Davidson 

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