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Alterations of Personality 

Alterations of Personality

This book of M. Binet's has already rendered service in the original, both in the way which he indicates in his preface — as a result of results in the very interesting field which it covers — and also as a handbook of the topic for the general reader. 

In this latter capacity, it is eminently suited to its place in this series. It should have a wide reading by educated persons who are not psychologists, but who yet wish to know the sort of experiments the psychologists and medical men are making in this extraordinary department of investigation. 

M. Binet, who is now Director of the Laboratory for Physiological Psychology at the Sorbonne, Paris, is already so well known to readers of English that it would be quite out of place to speak either of his scientific position or of his power of popular statement except in reference to this particular book, now for the first time made accessible in English. 

The work appeared in France in 1891 and was at once welcomed as an authoritative statement of the best results by one of the investigators who had done much to discover them. M. Binet's moderation of statement and calmness of view, in a field where great extravagances have been witnessed and where controversy has been fierce,

details :
  • Author:Alfred Binet
  • Publication date:  1896
  • Remark New York :  D. Appleton and company  Personality disorders
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