How to be a Writer - 10 PDF ebooks about writings

How to be a Writer - 10 PDF ebooks about writings 

How to be a Writer - 10 PDF ebooks about writings
How to be a Writer 

Some tips for writers 
1. Write every day: Make time to write every day, even if it's just for a few minutes. This will help you form a writing habit, which is important for staying motivated and making progress. 2. Read widely: Reading widely will help you develop your writing skills and find inspiration for your own stories. 3. Take classes: Taking creative writing classes can help you hone your skills and learn from experienced writers. 4. Join a critique group: A critique group can help you get feedback on your writing and offer support from other writers. 5. Set goals: Setting goals for yourself will keep you motivated and help you stay focused. 6. Find a mentor: A mentor can give you advice and guidance and introduce you to other writers and editors.

Contents of the books

  1.   A manual for writers, covering the needs of authors for information on rules of writing and practices in printing by Manly, John Matthews
  2. Essays in the Art of Writing by Stevenson, Robert Louis
  3. How to Become an Author; a practical guide
  4. How to Write a good play by Archer, Frank
  5. How to write an essay, with sample essays and subjects for the essay
  6. How to write clearly; rules and exercises on English composition
  7. How to write fiction, especially the Art of short story writing; by Cody, Sherwin,
  8. How to write short stories by Bridgart, L. Josephine
  9. How to write special feature articles.
  10. Notes for the young writer

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