The individualist : a novel - Philip Gibbs - PDF ebook

The individualist : a novel

The individualist : a novel


A LETTER had been delivered to the mistress of Long Stretton village school as she sat at her desk in the classroom, where thirty-five boys and girls of varying ages and sizes had been listening to the story of Robin Hood and his merry men. 

The bearer of the note was the page boy from the Hall, rising four feet and a half, in tight little livery with many gold buttons. A thundering knock at the school door announced his coming and startled Alicia Frensham and her children in the midst of the delectable adventure of the outlaw and Friar Tuck.

 Then with a solemnity which did honour to his training, he advanced across the school floor in a fire of eyes and delivered the note to the woman who, in this very room, had spanked him not longer than six months before.

the book details :
  • Author: Philip Gibbs
  • Publication date: 1922
  • Company:New York : Grosset & Dunlap

  • Download The Individualist: a novel  21 MB


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