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Design and construction of heat engines

Design and construction of heat engines

The object of this book is to supply in one volume the material most essential to the well-equipped, independent designer of heat engines, and to give this material in the form most convenient for use in the classroom and practical work, by separate treatment of the different phases of the subject. 

Contributory to the contents are the author's notebooks on engine design covering his practice and observation for over twenty years; revisions and additions necessary to adapt the notes to his teaching work for the past ten years; material from the best technical books and periodicals necessary to fill the gaps in first-hand information, and to add breadth and character to the work; and data and drawings from some of the best designers and builders of heat engines in the United States- giving a practical, commercial touch.

 In the derivation of working formulas, elaborate and abstruse methods have been avoided as much as possible, but no important element which permits of practical treatment has been omitted; also, while reverting to fundamental principles and making the formulas as rational as possible, their limitations are pointed out, and they are usually brought to a form suitable for direct application.

 Illustrations of none but the most excellent designs are provided. These are necessarily limited on account of space, but qualitative design and certain details and auxiliaries may be studied in books of a more descriptive character, and in builders' catalogues which are always obtainable. 

The numbering of formulas begins with each chapter, and manufacturing material is usually placed in the latter part of the chapter to facilitate the revisions necessary to keep the work up to date. 

The notation for a chapter is listed at its beginning except for short, scattered discussions when it is given only in the text. Steam tables and other tables found in all handbooks are omitted; they are more convenient to use with the formulas of this book if on a separate cover.

the book details :
  • Author: William Edward Ninde
  • Publication date:1920
  • Company:New York, McGraw-Hill

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