Mental medicine from a spiritual standpoint - Oliver Huckel - PDF ebook

Mental medicine from a spiritual standpoint

Mental medicine from a spiritual standpoint

The possibility of training the subconscious self. The value of mental suggestion. Its uses with the conscious self. Its possible uses in usual self. 

It's the power of impression and direction in the subconscious self. Hypnotic suggestion only for extreme cases and under careful medical supervision. Ideal mental suggestion. Creative of- infirmities. Educational or rational psychotherapy. Control by good habits. The control by a determined will. Con- centration and repetition.

 The unused energies of a man. The work that religion can do in training inner Some Elements in Morbid Moods /.

 The Casting Out of Fear . . . 125 What are the morbid moods? Many forms. _ Ancient maladies. The causes are various — physical, including possibly organic trouble, climacteric derangements, nervous exhaustion, or bad mental habits. The cure must be special for every case. Medical if needed. Both medical and mental when necessary. ^ The bondage of fear. The various kinds of fear. The cure by a new mental outlook
The sins and sanctities of the imagination. The perils of children and youth. Evil books and companions. Imagination can be controlled. Three steps, i. Purification. How to cleanse the fountain. 2. Preoccupation. How to fill life with good. ^ 3. Protection. _ The need for eternal vigilance. Imagination is an imperial and divine gift.

the book details :
  • Author: Oliver Huckel
  • Publication date: 1909
  • Company:New York : T.Y. Crowell & co.

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