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Aladdin-The wonderful lamp

Aladdin-The wonderful lamp

The Arabian Nights' Entertainments are perhaps the only series of stories that give a correct view of ancient Oriental manners and customs.Some of the tales, however, have become more popular than others.Among the most noted, that of ALADDIN stands deservedly preeminent.

Translated into almost every language, it has obtained a high rank in all.It has been dramatized, we know not how frequently, and, at the sometime, has served as a theme for innumerable poets. The thousand ways in which it has become known, have rendered it as familiar as household word ; while, with the rest of the series, it has grown classic,and obtained with them a place in almost every well-selected library.Many of the romances, however, though innocent to maturer age, are calculated to awaken ideas and create impressions in early youth which parents might consider objectionable. 

ALADDIN, however, had very few faults of the kind, and 'revised, modified, and corrected, as it has been in the present edition, has become a highly-wrought moral story, calculated to produce a pleasing and permanent effect. Children are always poets,and whatever assimilates itself to their tone of mind must necessarily create a strong sympathetic impression. Truth, therefore, may be clothe din the garb of romance, without losing any of its characteristics, while the dress it wears never fails to invest it with additional charms.

the book details :
  • Author: Felix Darley
  • Publication date: 1872
  • Company: Philadelphia : Porter & Coates, 822 Chestnut Street

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