The present age and inner life - PDF by Andrew Jackson Davis

The present age and inner life

The present age and inner life

ancient and modern spirit mysteries classified and explained; a sequel to Spiritual intercourse revised and enlarged

The author has obeyed his impressions in presenting to the world this book, Its contents, revised and enlarged, are designed to meet the psychological demands of the time. The heart and the head, the soul and the understanding are particularly and familiarly ad- dressed.

 To the down-trodden and wearied, to the trammelled and enslaved, to the depressed and sorrowful, to the seeker after light and liberty, this book is most cordially dedicated by the author. He can think of no better offering — no legacy more adapted to the development and tranquilization of man's nature — than the one now laid upon the altar of the reader's Reason. " 

Let there he Light I" was the first and most omnipotent mandate of Heaven; it reverberated throughout the length and breadth of the arching skies; it has rolled down from generation to generation with ever-increasing power, and now it seeks an expression from every heart that beats in unison with the sovereign laws of universal justice and equal liberty.

 That there may " be Light " on the important questions now agitating the people, and that " mental liberty " may come with it, is the deepest and foremost prayer of the author; and he earnestly hopes, and even ventures to believe, that the following pages will serve to conduct the reader to the attainment and enjoyment of these inestimable blessings.


A surtet of human steeds 9
Definition of philosophy and spiritualism 88
The external argument 62
The spieitual c0ngke8s .' 110
Vision at high book cottage 118
The delegations and exordia 188
The table of explanations 172
The classification of media 1t4
The classification of causes 286
Summary explanations 311
Kevelations fkom pandemonium 831
Assertion acts..: 882
A voice to the insane 871
Benefits of experience.., 892
Phenomena of the spiritual spheres 408

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  • Author: Andrew Jackson  Davis 
  • Publication date: 1869
  • Company: Boston: William White & Co.

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