The poetical works of William Wordsworth - PDF by Thomas Hutchinson

The poetical works of William Wordsworth

The poetical works of William Wordsworth
The poetical works of William Wordsworth

In this edition of the Poems of William Wordsworth, there will be found now for the first time within the compass of a single volume of convenient size and modest price every piece of original verse which we know to have been published by the poet himself, or of which he can be shown to have authorized the posthumous, publication. The OXFORD WORDSWORTH comprises 

(1) the Minor or Miscellaneous Poems, re-printed from the standard edition of 184950, the last issued during the lifetime and under the direct authority of the poet ;
(2) a reprint of the original text of the two Poems of 1793, viz. An Evening Walk, and Descriptive Sketches;
(3) a Supplement, giving, so far as it has been possible to ascertain, every piece published by Wordsworth on any other occasion whatsoever, but omitted by him from the final edition of 1849-50; (4) The Prelude 1, or Growth of a Poet's Mind; an Autobiographical Poem;
(5) The Excursion (text of ed. 1849-50);
(6) all the Author's Notes of ed. 1849-50, together with many notes found in various early editions, but subsequently omitted ; (7) sundry Prefaces, Postscripts,, given at the end of Vol. V., ed. 1849-50 ;
(8) a Chronological Table of the Life of Wordsworth, and (9) some few miscellaneous Notes by the Editor, who is also accountable for
(10) the Chronological Data is prefixed to the individual poems. Great pains have been taken to ensure a high degree of accuracy in the text of this Edition.
The poet's use of capital letters a sure index to his intentions of stress has been carefully and, it is hoped, in every instance reproduced; but it seemed idle to preserve with scrupulous exactness certain oddities and inconsistencies of spelling a matter to which Wordsworth, unlike his brother-poet, Walter Savage Landor, appears never to have given serious attention. The editor has throughout compared the punctuation of the standard text of 1849-50 with that of the Aldine Wordsworth, issued in 1892. In most instances of divergence between them, he has followed the recent authority;

Author: William Wordsworth.
 editor: Thomas Hutchinson
Publication date:1914

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