Sister Teresa - George Moore - PDF novel

Sister Teresa -  George Moore

Sister Teresa -  George Moore
Sister Teresa


A life history such as Huysmans might have written, photographic in its realism, almost revolting at times in its dissection of morbid states of the soul; unshrinkingly honest and sincere. 

Evelyn is a musical genius, who falls under the influence successively of an agnostic and man of the world, an artist and mystic, and a Roman Catholic priest.

 When her conscience has driven her to abandon an immoral life, she enters a sisterhood and devotes the rest of her life to penitence. In the sequel, Evelyn's spiritual history is pursued after she has renounced the worldly life for what is to her the only alternative, asceticism. 

The technical knowledge, the grasp of complex experience, and the imagination displayed in the musical episodes are devoted here to portraying the conventual life. Prioress, novices, and sisters are elaborately drawn, and the novelist makes us see all the details of their existence, and feel its dullness. But it is the spiritual trials and agonies of Evelyn as a postulant, novice, and professed nun which is the enthralling interest.

the book details :
  • Author: George Moore
  • Publication date:1901
  • Company: London Unwin

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