The Son of God - R. Swinburne Clymer - PDF ebook

The Son of God; the mystical teachings of the masters

The Son of God
The Son of God -  R. Swinburne Clymer - PDF ebook

From the Forward:

"Nothing Succeeds Like Success" Some ten years ago when the first book of the Illuminati and its work was placed before the public, the general verdict was, that this work could not by any possibility meet with success, as the market had already been overcrowded with books on New Thought, Divine Science, Christian Science, and various other Cults and Isms, but we were not dismayed, as we firmly believed that the Illuminati with its Soul Science could give the world that which had never been given before, namely, a four-fold Philosophy.
A philosophy that not only had the Mind, or the Body, or the Spirit in consideration, but which recognized all three as of equal importance, but which went a step further, and recognized the Soul as of equal importance with the other three, it also taught the development of the soul, and outside of the Rose Cross Order as established by Dr P. B. Randolph in America, this was the only order to do this. 

Admittedly, this Soul Science work was a difficult task, nevertheless, slowly but gradually, the publication was added to publication, until at the present time there are more than fifteen actual Soul Science textbooks, and the demand has become so great for this work as first started by us and taught only by the Illuminati, that other teachers in the field who know absolutely nothing of the Philosophy of Soul Science, have deliberately stolen the title and are using it in teaching that which is entirely foreign to the true philosophy. These are plain thieves, parading in the clothing of the gods.

Among the foremost teachers that America ever had, stood Dr James R. Phelps, who is now passed to the Beyond. Not only on account of his learning, his knowledge of the dead languages and of the Ancient Teachings, but also on account of his absolute honesty and sincerity was he one of the foremost teachers. In a letter, which he invariably wrote to the beginner who came under his training, he said: "My authority — and I dislike that word — goes back for years, and was conferred by honoured brothers now resting from their labours.

For reasons of my own, when I affiliated with the Order Illuminati — of which Count Giounotti, (then here he mentions the names by which the Master is known) was the Hierophant — I doubted my ability to take any prominent position in its activities, and they assigned me to the care of the back door, to take charge of those who, fainting by the way or discouraged by the apparent obstacles in the way, were giving up in despair. They called me ',' or 'the Keeper of the Door.' I found out in time that there was but one door to The Temple, and that entrance and exit were the same. 

Our Master says: I am the door, by it, any man enters in he shall be safe, and go in and go out, and shall find pasture.' "Now, my dear brother, divest yourself of any idea you may have that my position confers on me any superiority over you. 

That is the rock on which many a pseudo teacher has gone to pieces. 'Call no man your Master on earth, for One, is your Master, the Christ, and all ye are brethren.' 

This will show more clearly than any words of mine as to the worth of this grand teacher. No man would he allow to call him Master, but the student might call him Teacher or Guide. And this was the man from whom I received much of my training and from whom I learned much of the Sublime Mysteries concerning the Soul and its Powers. 

In my interpretation, I, therefore, come to you with knowledge received through training of nearly eighteen years, much of which was under men who claimed nothing for themselves except that they were labourers in the vineyard of the Master and desired no praise, but desired that all praise should be given to the Master.

The book details :
  • Author: Reuben Swinburne Clymer
  • Publication date:1916
  • Company: Allentown, Pa., The Philosophical publishing co

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