The psychic riddle - Isaac Kaufman Funk - PDF ebook

The psychic riddle 

The psychic riddle


In these investigations it seems certain that we are in the presence of new science in the making — a science that many of us believe has in it possibilities for good that stagger the imagination. Here is a Gordian knot that can not be cut; it must be patiently untied.

 For half a century we have slashed at it with our blades of prejudice and superstition — often negative, but nonetheless real — of ridicule, logic, science, orthodoxy, but it has grown all the time more and more manifest and more and more complicated.

And what if it is true that the visible and tangible portions of this earth are its smallest and least im- portant parts? Why is the belief necessarily absurd that there are belonging to the earth and revolving with it, plateaus upon plateaus of finer and still finer vibrations, the higher usually invisible to the lower, and that the lowest and coarsest in the ground under our feet and the great oceans of water around us?

Always we have to remember that our knowledge is bounded by our Senses and that we may be in a world quite other than that which sense reveals. 

It is evident that our feeble intelligence, endowed with five senses of limited range, does not penetrate into all the forces of Nature. . . 

The truths— those surprizing, amazing, unforeseen truths — which our descendants will discover, are even now all around about us, staring us in the eyes, so to speak, and yet we see them not. 
These truths, when they are better understood will profoundly modify the puny notions we at present entertain concerning man and the universe."

the book details :
  • Author: Isaac Kaufman Funk
  • Publication date: 1907
  • Company:  New York Funk

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