The Mind of the artist - PDF by Mrs Binyon

The Mind of the artist

The Mind of the artist

thoughts and sayings of painters and sculptors on their art

Thoughts and sayings of painters and sculptors on their art," collected and arranged by Mrs Binyon. Preface by Geo. Clausen, R . A.

This little volume, it need hardly be said, does not aim at being complete, in the sense of representing all the artists who have written on art. It is hoped, however, that the sayings chosen will be found fairly representative of what painters and sculptors, typical of their race and time, have said about the various aspects of their work. 

In making the collection, I have had recourse less to famous comprehensive treatises and expositions of theory like those of Leonardo and of Reynolds, than to the more intimate avowals and working notes contained in letters and diaries, or recorded in memoirs.

It is always interesting and profitable to get the views of workmen on their work, and on the principles which guide them in it, and in bringing together these sayings of artists Mrs Binyon has done a very useful thing. 

A great number of opinions are presented, which, in their points of agreement and disagreement, bring before us in the most charming way the wide range of the artist's thought, and enable us to realise that the work of the great ones is not founded on vague caprice or so-called inspiration, but on sure intuitions which lead to definite knowledge; not merely the necessary knowledge of the craftsman, which many have possessed whose work has failed to hold the attention of the world, but also a knowledge of nature's laws. 

"The Mind of the Artist" speaks for itself, and really requires no word of introduction. These opinions as a whole, seem to me to have harmony and consistency and announce clearly that the directing impulse must be a desire for expression, that art is a language, and that the thing to be said is of more importance than the manner of saying it. 

This desire for expression is the driving force of the artist; it informs, controls, and animates his method of working; it governs the hand and eye. That figures should give the impression of life and spontaneity, that the sun should shine, trees move in the wind, and nature be felt and represented as a living thing this is the firm ground in art; and in those who have this feeling every effort will, consciously or unconsciously, lead towards its realisation. 

It should be the starting point for the student. It does not absolve him from the need of taking the utmost pains, from making the most searching study of his model; rather it impels him, in the examination of whatever he feels called on to represent, to look for the vital and necessary things: and the artist will carry his work to the utmost degree of completion possible to him, in the desire to get at the heart of his theme.

the book details :
  • Author: Cicely Margaret Powell Binyon
  • Publication date: 1909
  • Company: London: Chatto & Windus

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