The human side of business - PDF by Frederick Peirce

The human side of business 

The human side of business

From the introduction:
Every person who works for a livelihood has something to sell. This is a fact not usually realized by those concerned, yet a lawyer barters his services, a physician his professional skill, a manufacturer his product, an actor his power to entertain, and a mechanic his technical labour. 

Whether one is a vendor of goods, services, knowledge, ability or credit, it is self-evident that to obtain the most remunerative results he must make the proper presentation of what he has and the most effective use of his natural talents. Since human nature is the same the world over, it follows that the personal methods which are productive in one instance will be in another and that there are certain underlying principles that can be commonly applied. 

The libraries are well stocked with business literature, but the fact remains that nearly all of the available publications are so general in character that they have little tangible value or else are so technical that they are of use only in special lines. The purpose of this book is to portray a phase of business that, from a practical point of view, is more important than all the others.

It is the human side, whether it be called the psychology of salesmanship, the personal equation, or the fourth dimension, and it is particularly well illustrated by one specific business, — the marketing of bonds, because the latter appeals directly to the mental processes and is the highest type of salesmanship. 

The plan, then, is to explain the personal methods which were used effectively in building up a dominant organization, with the idea that they are capable of adaptation, and if in this attempt the writer digresses somewhat from the direct path or appears to draw too frequently upon his own experience, it is to give a concrete view of the subject and for the sake of clearness. 

In the training of bondmen there has long been felt the need for a real handbook relative to the subject, — one that adequately treated personality in selling and the means that should be employed to develop an intimate and profitable relationship between salesman and customer; that set forth the broad field open to individuality and explained the most effective courses of thought and action, and that would make men realize that in themselves lay the opportunities they sought and would enthuse them and inspire them to greater effort. 


Introduction 9
I. The Bond Business 13
II. The Bond Market 18
III. The Bond House 26
IV. Salesmanship 36
V. Material for Salesmen 44
VI. Employing Men 61
VII. Training Men 72
VIII. Personal Sales Management 82
IX. The Development of the Bond Business 96
X. Sales Methods and Ammunition. 116
XIv Selling Country Trade 133
XII. The Personal Side of Selling .... 151
XIII. Advertising and Advertising Devices 184
XIV. Fifty Financial Facts 195
XV. Tendencies of the Business 208
XVI. Conclusion 214

The book details :
  • Author: Frederick Peirce
  • Publication date: 1917
  • Company: Philadelphia, The Investment house of F. Peirce & co.
  • My review : the author is the owner of Investment House. so this book will concentrate on bonds and also illustrate other topics regarding finance and, marketing

  • Download The human side of the business - PDF book 3.4 MB

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