New words self-defined - by C. Alphonso Smith - PDF book

New words self-defined 

New words self-defined

Dictionary of New Words in Newspapers and media generally  in 1919

This book is both less and more than a dictionary. It is less than a dictionary in containing not one formal definition; it is more than a dictionary in its attempt to quote only such sentences as make the meaning of each word stand self -revealed. It is one thing to memorize a definition, quite another to add the word defined at once to your vocabulary of actual use. The sentences here culled will, I believe, enable the reader to take each word or phrase by its handle and to use it if he so desires. 

If he does not care to make personal use of these words, it should be remembered that most of them have found their way since 1914 into so many short stories, sketches, novels, news columns, and magazine contributions that a reading knowledge of them is essential to a proper understanding of current writing. 

They are not all new words, of course; but, when not new, they have at least been called into newness of service or represent new directions of popular interest or scientific research. They have, therefore, it is hoped, a value as the material of history apart from their service to the student of language or their more immediate service to the general reader.

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