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Beginnings of Learning

Beginnings of Learning - Jiddu Krishnamurti
Beginnings of Learning - Jiddu Krishnamurti 

At Brockwood Park in Hampshire, England there is an Educational Centre for boys and girls aged from thirteen to nineteen. Krishnamurti lives there when he is in England. The first part of this book gives some of the talks and discussions which take place twice a week in an informal way between Krishnamurti, students and staff. There are also schools in India founded by Krishnamurti and visited annually by him, particularly Rajghat at Benares, and Rishi Valley in the Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh.
 Many of the conversations with parents and teachers in the second part of this book took place in India. Apart from Brockwood, others were in the United States where Krishnamurti has spoken in recent years at the University of California at Berkeley and at Santa Cruz, at Brandeis and Stanford Universities, and among individuals with educationalists and students. 
A school for young children is short to be opened in the Ojai Valley in California.


Krishnamurti: Most people work either to avoid punishment or to gain something in the way of possessions, money, fame and so on. So most people work under great pressure. Here at Brockwood, there is not that extreme pressure or any kind of pressure put upon you. 

Therefore there is a tendency, if I may point out, to slacken, to let go, to become rather empty and lose that vitality that youth generally has - that feeling of urgency, the flame of doing something. All that gradually disappears and you are left here to be responsible for yourself, which is rather difficult. Most of us want somebody to lean on, somebody to encourage us, somebody to say, "You are doing very well, carry on!" And to push us a little when we are slack, drive us when we are indifferent when we are sleepy, shake us to keep awake so that somebody gradually becomes the authority. 

Haven't you noticed this? There is no authority here, therefore you are left to yourself and it is very difficult to keep oneself at the highest point of energy, drive, intelligence and affection and not just go off into a kind of daydream, uselessly wasting time. Brockwood is supposed to give you - and I hope it does - the terrain, the environment, the atmosphere in which this self-generating energy can go on. How is all this to be created? Who is going to do it?

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