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Relativity and the electron theory

Relativity and the electron theory

This monograph is an attempt to set out as clearly and simply as possible the relation of the Principle of Relativity to the generally accepted Electron Theory, showing at what points the former is the natural and necessary complement of the latter. 

No attempt has been made to describe to any great extent consequences of the Principle which would be for the most part beyond the reach of experimental investigation, and the mathematical analysis has been omitted as far as possible with the hope of rendering the account user to the general reader, especially to the experimental physicist. 

Those who desire to follow out the train of thought in more detail, and especially to make acquaintance with the mathematical presentation developed by Minkowski, may be referred to the author's larger book on the same subject. The author's acknowledgements are due to the Cambridge University Press for their permission to use some of the material of that work in the preparation of this.

I. Introductory 2
II. The Origin of the Principle 7
III. The Relativity of Space and Time 27
IV. The Relativity of the Electro-magnetic Vectors ... 44
V. Mechanics and the Principle of Relativity . . . -59
VI. Minkowski's Four-Dimension Vectors 70
VII. The New Mechanics 78
VIII. Relativity and an Objective theory 87
Index 95

the book details :
  • Author: Ebenezer Cunningham
  • Publication date: 1915
  • Company: London, New York, Longmans, Green and Co.

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