The international cook book - over 3,300 recipes - PDF by Alexander Filippini

The international cook book - over 3,300 recipes 

The international cook book
The international cook book - over 3,300 recipes 

gathered from all over the world, including many never before published in English. With complete ménus of the three meals for every day in the year

At the time of the publication of my first work, "The Table," in 1889, my duties and responsibilities at Delmonic6's were such that I was only able to write at irregular intervals, and so the book was necessarily somewhat hurried and contained many reference numbers. It, however, was remarkably successful, through the kind and generous support of the public, for which I am profoundly grateful. This new work, 

"The International Cook Book," is the result of years of preparation. No efforts were spared in seeking information from every source. A leave of absence for several months was obtained from my superiors of the International Navigation Company, a tour of the world was made, and personal visits were paid to hotels, restaurants and homes of all countries. Indeed, I have been continually gathering new material and travelling for the past decade, and the work is truly international in its scope. 

It certainly is more thorough and complete than any work of its kind to date, containing in all over 3,000 recipes, each giving full directions. It was the many inquiries of acquaintances in regard to dishes I had provided and the friendly suggestions that I should get up a collection of my recipes that first showed me the demand for a reliable book pointing the way to wholesome and nourishing meals. 

The advancement made in that country was shown by the employment in Tokyo, Kyoto and Yokohama of experienced managers who had gained their knowledge of the business in America, England and France. From the higher-class restaurants of China have been brought ideas for stews —for instance, Bami Honkongroise — which as modified to make tasty dishes. 

Special inquiries have been made about some of these dishes by people who have eaten them as prepared under my direction without realising that they were Oriental dishes. They have been modified for the American taste, as all these adopted from Eastern countries are made too rich as prepared in the native homes. 

The Chinese have ways of picking birds so finely by the use of a wet towel that they look as though they had been shaved, and have a number of good ideas in using macaroni and in the preparation of bacon, ducklings, etc. In seasoning, too, the Chinese have original ideas. They take slices of ham, perhaps, put ft over a range or near the fire, char it, then pound it to powder, and it gives an excellent taste when used as a seasoning.

The book contains over 400 different recipes for preparing eggs; 400 for soups; 550 for fish; 40 for lobster; 190 for beef; 90 for Iamb; 80 for mutton; 50 for oysters; 165 for poultry; 48 for the game; 60 for pork; 90 for veal, including 33 for sweetbreads; 340 for vegetables, including 114 for potatoes; 90 for sauces; 65 for salads; 30 for side dishes deserves; 30 for side dishes; 590 for desserts, including 53 for ice cream, 14 for iced jellies, 26 for iced punches, 63 for puddings, 11 for iced puddings, 42 for fruits. Also various recipes for jams, essences, sauces for puddings and cakes, appetizers, after-dinner cordials, claret and champagne cups, coolers, punches, as well as recipes for bread, chocolate, coffee, tea — Chinese mode — and many others.

The book details :
  • Author: Alexander Filippini
  • Publication date: 1911
  • Company: New York, Doubleday, Page & company

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