Text-book of advanced machine work - Robert H Smith - PDF ebook

Text-book of advanced machine work

Text-book of advanced machine work

Text-books. — To teach any subject rapidly, good textbooks are a necessity. For studying languages, mathematics, physics, chemistry, etc., in the classroom and the laboratory, excellent textbooks are obtainable and scientifically arranged to lead the student progressively and rapidly through elementary and advanced principles. 

Lack of Text-Books on Machine Work. — In this Age of Machinery, teachers, students, apprentices, machine operators and all those who are interested in the art and science of machine construction have been handicapped by the lack o£ textbooks comparable with those that aid the student and teacher in other subjects. Need for Text-books on Machine Building. — To meet the urgent demand for such text-books, the author prepared and published two books in 1910, — The Elements of Machine Work, and The Principles of Machine 

Work and promised the early issue of the third book, Advanced Machine Work, that beginners might have the advantages of textbooks as in the older subjects and be able to acquire in a short time, the fundamental and the advanced principles of machine building, logically, systematically and progressively. 

Two Books Preferred. — In this, the third edition of these books, all the material published in Elements of Machine Work and Principles of Machine Work, and the matter prepared for Advanced Machine Work have been revised, rearranged, and published in two books, — Principles of Machine Work and Advanced Machine Work.

Advanced Machine Work " treats of Engine Lathe Work; Cutting Tools; Measuring; Turning; Fitting; Threading; Chucking; Reaming; Mandrels or Arbors; Curve Turning and Forming; Inside Calipers and Inside Micrometers; Bor- ing and Inside Threading; Brass Finishing; Broaching; Drill- ing Jigs; Boring, Boring Bars and Boring Machines; Eccentric Turning; Nursing; Cylindrical, Internal, Surface and Cutter Grinding; Planing; Milling; Spur, Bevel, Worm and Spiral Gear Cutting; Toolmaking; Spiral Milling; The Plug and Button Methods of Locating Holes of Precision in Jigs and Fixtures; Sine Bar..

The drawings have been made especially for these books and are so clearly marked with letters, words, and figures, that many of them are self-explanatory of the operations and processes which they represent and tell things far better than could be told by words. Schedules of Operations. — To secure efficiency in teaching or manufacturing, it is necessary to be equipped with a well-defined plan of attack for the problem in hand. The schedules of operations in these textbooks provide the student and teacher with a complete plan in table form, for the rapid production of standard and typical problems in machine construction.

the book details :
  • Author: Robert H Smith
  • Publication date: [1915]
  • Company: Boston, Industrial Book Co

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