Accounting every businessman should know - PDF by Elisha Ely Garrison

Accounting every businessman should know

Accounting every businessman should know
Accounting every businessman should know

From the forward
These ideas are the accumulation of twenty years' close contact with the subject, and the application of its principles to a great diversity of operations. Manufactured in various lines, including Banking, the Football Association of Yale University, Transportation of livestock from Texas and Mexico to Cuba, the largest Wholesale Hardware House in this country. Mining in Arizona, the Retail Business in New York City, and Brokerage have all helped. 

The purpose is to explain away the ob- security which frequently hides the real values and purposes of accounting. Frequent reiteration is unavoidable because of the interdependence of all parts, and the bearing of vital principles upon so many different features. is Great length and much detail have been avoided; but the average mind, with no previous knowledge of the science of ac- counting, should get, from a careful reading, a clear conception of all the fundamental principles.

I Origin and Foundation Ideas . . 3
II The Transition to Modern Methods 17
III The Reorganised Ledger System. 34
IV Opening the Ledger .... 45
V Closing the Ledger .... 58
VI Account Characteristics ... 69
VII Valuation and Reserves ... 90
VIII Inventory Ledger: Expense and Revenue Ledger .... 101
IX Department Costs and Contingent Addition 119
X Fundamental Principles of Cost Accounting 129
XI Devising of Systems . . . .144
XII Statement of Results . . . 158
XIII Accounts and the Manager . . 169
XIV Accounts and the Directors. .179
the book details :
  • Author: Elisha Ely Garrison
  • Publication date: 1909
  • Company: New York, Doubleday, Page & company
  • Download Accounting every businessman should know - PDF - 2.8 MB

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