Profitable vocations for boys - PDF by Eli Witwer Weaver

Profitable vocations for boys

Profitable vocations for boys

The industrial situation demands an increase in the vocational content of the school curriculum. Any process of reconstruction must necessarily be slow.

 The teachers can, meanwhile, do much in their classes towards giving a boy about to leave school a general .survey of the field of occupations, helping him to form a definite purpose, showing him how to investigate questions which deal with the choice of a career and the best methods of preparation for success along with particular lines, directing his attention to the vocational training facilities of his community, showing him how to utilize them and placing before him an index to vocational literature. 

From this rapidly accumulating literature, there will be formed ultimately some definite rules for the scientific management of the individual by the aid of which the prospective worker may be enabled to choose wisely, prepare thoroughly and advance himself rapidly.

 The reader of this literature cannot escape the conviction that the apparent maze which leads from the entrance gateway of the many employments that are open to a reasonable degree of prosperity is not as complex as it seems and that there never was a time when the well- prepared and determined worker was so sure of a comfortable living as now. On the other hand, it was never so easy for the thoughtless to drift into such hope-less industrial situations. 

An effort has been made to provide in this book a brief summary of the available information relating to the conditions for admission to the chief gainful occupations and to present in suggestive forms the best methods by which the workers may prepare themselves and secure advancement. The earlier editions of the book were submitted to those who had first-hand information about industrial conditions, and their commendations were generous, and abundant evidence has been supplied by teachers who have tried it for class use and by counsellors in social centres and by directors of boys' clubs that the book well serves the purposes for which it was designed. 

Some cintents

I. The Inevitable Conflict 1
II. The Peeliminakt Sdrvet 5
III. A Brief Self-Examination 11
. Choosing an Employee 18
V. Finding the Opening 25
"VI. Getting Ahead 34
VII. Scientific Management 44
VIII. Labor Laws and Labor Contracts 53
IX. Prom Fourteen to Sixteen 59
X. Manual Labor 65
XI. Domestic and Personal Service 72
XII. Guardians of Life and Property 76
XIII. Transportation 84
XIV. Factory Work 93
XV. laundry Work and the Chemical Industries 102
XVID. Textiles and Clothing 106
XVII. The Printing Trades Ill
XVIII. The Metal Trades 124
XIX. The Electrical Workers 140
XX. The Building Trades 143
XXI. The "Woodworking Industries 149
XXII. Some Changing Trades 152
XXIII. Office Work 154
XXrv. Stenography and Typewriting 165
XXV. Salesmanship 173
XX"VT. Advertising 180
XXVII. Banking, Brokerage and Insurance 184
XXVIII. Some New Business Professions 189
XXIX. The Civil Service 195
ZXX. Teaching 200

the book details :
  • Author: Eli Witwer Weaver
  • Publication date: 1915
  • Company: New York and Chicago, The A.S. Barnes company

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