Personal magnetism - PDF ebook by Edward B. Warman

Personal magnetism 

Personal magnetism
Personal magnetism 

There are two reasons why I have written these books: first, in response to thousands of my pupils throughout this country and Canada who desire the instruction in a more tangible form than simply through the medium of the voice; second, that the general public may have the result of thorough, honest, and unbiased investigation extending throughout a period of thirty-five years.

 Having kept abreast of the times, I am fully aware of the conclusions other writers have reached, especially on spiritism; and am further conscious of the fact that, with few exceptions, I do not, in the main, agree with these. However, my decisions have in no way been influenced by any writer, not even by my friend, the late Dr Thomson Jay Hudson, whom I first met in 1899. 

When our paths converged, we found we had been travelling on parallel lines for twenty-five years. Comparing notes, I was pleased to learn that we had ar- rived, practically, at the same conclusions ; therefore, there may appear to be much of Hudson in my writings, and it could not well be otherwise, especially on spiritism. I felt highly honoured to have so great an authority bear so corroborative testimony. 

By consulting the topics treated it will be observed that I have covered a much wider field than those who have preceded me, having touched upon every phase of Psychic Phenomenon. This I have done as briefly and concisely as possible and practicable, and while my decisions are positive, they are neither arrogant nor dogmatic.

Personal magnetism is not to be confounded with " magnetic healing," nor with the mesmeric "fluidic theory' nor with that which is so extensively advertised to transform the " human wall-flower" into the " admired of all admirers.
" It is, nevertheless, a wonderful power that is greater; lesser degree possessed by everyone, but we should not lose sight of the fact that it is not always of the most attractive character. It may, however, be made so, as its attractive feature is susceptible to great cultivation.
  the book details :
  • Author: Edward Barret Warman
  • Publication date: 1910
  • Company: Chicago, A. C. McClurg & co

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