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How to educate yourself 

How to educate yourself

In preparing this little book, I have done the work conscientiously, whether it shall prove to be well or ill done. In every matter treated, I have given the advice I should give to a son or a brother — drawing my materials from every available source. The narrow limits of the volume have compelled me to speak ex-cathedra in many cases when I should have preferred to reverently cite authority, or to carefully state to the reader' the premises from which my conclusions were drawn.

If I have spoken dogmatically, however, I would have the student remember that the whole spirit of my teaching is that he should never accept blindly the authority of any man or of any book, and to this rule, my own little volume certainly does not claim to be an exception.

Some contents:

The nature and purpose as the book 1
How to maek out a coubsb of studty
What to study — k. Common error 6
What then, should be the student's course? 8
What are the purposes of education? 8
The (comparative values of various studies 10
Herbert spencer's classification 10
The factors involved 11
Common school studies.
The "Waste of time 15
Of geography 15
How to study geography 16
Arithmetic 17
The study of Language  23
The failure of the grammar 24

the book details :
  • Author: George Cary Eggleston - American author and brother of fellow author Edward Eggleston. Sons of Joseph Cary Eggleston and Mary Jane Craig. After the American Civil War, he published a serialized account of his time as a Confederate soldier in The Atlantic Monthly
  • Publication date: 1872
  • Company: New York: G.P. Putnam & sons

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