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Choice of pursuits

Choice of pursuits

What to do, and why, describing seventy-five trades and professions, and the talents and temperaments required for each; also, how to educate, on phrenological principles, each man for his proper work. Together with portraits and biographies of more than one hundred successful thinkers and workers.

The occupation which a man follows does much to make oi mar his happiness. We can not over-estimate the importance of selecting a proper life-pursuit, and of the requisite culture of tlie faculties, through the action of which health, success, and happiness may be obtained. 

Whatever will minister in any degree to these great interests should challenge ready attention and cordial acceptance. 

Most young persons stumble into business, or are thrown into it by accident or temporary necessity, or are drawn to it by misguided ambition or a perverted fancy, without any serious thought as to their real fitness for the vocation they adopt. 

When the years for learning the theory and practice of their trade or profession are passed, they often awake, with regret and dismay, to the fact that they have not only made a mistake in their selection but have wasted the precious years of early manhood upon a wrong pursuit 

An attempt is made in this work to show what bodily and mental peculiarities are adapted to different trades and professions, and also to show how the faculties of the intellect, the selfish and animal propensities, and the moral sentiments of man may be cultivated and trained, so that each person may secure not only the best possible development of his natural powers, but that guidance, training, and exercise which will enable him to make. most of himself as a human being, and to place himself in such relations to his life-pursuit as to secure the best possible success and to render to the community the highest degree of service; in short, to tell every honest inquirer "

What to do, and why; and how to educate each man for his proper work.?

the book details :
  • Author: Nelson Sizer 
  • Publication date:1890
  • Company: New York, Fowler & Wells Co.

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