Proofs of the spirit world - PDF by Léon Chevreuil

Proofs of the spirit world

Proofs of the spirit world
Proofs of the spirit world 

The Study of the human soul as a psychic and physical entity will be the science of tomorrow. Camille Flammarion. Do we really die? Few persons know what answer, based upon discovered facts, may today be made to this important question. 

Many, indeed, believe that there is no longer room for doubt — that immortality of the human soul is a fallacy condemned by science. Because thinkers and philosophers have not been able in the course of the centuries to agree upon any one conception of immortality, the spiritualistic idea is considered visionary; and curiously, few believe that science, which has already solved so many problems, can also solve this, the one most deeply significant to mankind.

 Religions give us no certain knowledge, and science, accepting only demonstration, does not comprehend the language of Faith. With respect for old philosophic and religious concepts, we desire to offend no conviction; but let those who believe that they receive light from above be willing, at least, to regard without scorn those who are seeking a solution from Nature; and who dig the soil hoping to encounter there a solid base upon which they may build.

It is the year 1916; we have seen mankind at work; murder, theft and rape have incited no awakening of conscience in the neutral nations; the frightful storm which scatters death upon Europe has revealed many powers, many weaknesses. Something seems lacking in the guidance of humanity. 

Nineteenth Century Science committed this violence upon reason and denied all that makes for the moral grandeur of mankind. It accepted the lie that there is nothing else in the universe but matter such as we know it: there is no soul, no intelligence; there are only reactions. 

The great scientific dogma was therefore that the cause of all things exists in this matter, which is reduced by a last analysis to the indivisible, indissoluble, eternal atom. Today the dissolution of atoms must be admitted, and as it is vain to suppose that the dispersed matter is destroyed, we may affirm that the separation of the atoms is their passage into a beyond of which science knows nothing.


I. The Great Problem . .. 1
II. Telepathy 16
III. Organic Disorders 37
IV. Previous Lives 56
V. The Established Fact 82
VI. The Motive Agents 97
VII. Telepathic Apparitions and Materialized Forms 125
VIII. Complete Materializations .... 146
IX. Materializations of Nature . . .170
X. Spontaneous Manifestations . . . 201
XI. Manifestations from the Beyond . . 233
XII. Mors Janua Vitm 262 

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  • Author:Léon Chevreuil
  • Publication date: 1920
  • Company: New York: E.P. Dutton & Company

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