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The ancient science of numbers

The ancient science of numbers

The Science of Numbers is in no respect a modern invention. Thousands of years ago the Eastern philosophers and religionists knew and practised it. 

They recognized the importance of the relationship between the name and the life of the individual, and, when the latter was seriously threatened by disease or other misfortune, they changed the name to ward off the impending disaster.

 Of course, during these scores of centuries, many changes have been made in the Science of Numbers, particularly in the methods of applying it. Students have delved deeply into its mysteries, and, by patient study, and most painstaking experiments, have succeeded in bringing it into truer harmony with existing conditions. 

In other words, while the Science of Numbers is just what it always has been — one of the surest and safest methods by which man may put his life in harmony with the laws of nature and of God — our more perfect comprehension of the workings of these natural laws has enabled us to apply their principles so accurately that these things which, to the ancients, were mysteries to be accepted upon faith alone, are now seen to be facts, fully capable of actual demonstration. 

It would be both interesting and instructive to trace the history of the Science of Numbers through the centuries that have passed since the day when Hebrew and Egyptian mystics taught its principles as one of their most sacred mysteries. 

In so small a "volume, however, it would be folly to attempt so pretentious a task, especially in view of the fact that, for all present purposes, it is sufficient that we should realize that the Science of Numbers has been known and credited since very early in the world's history, and that, having been cherished with most tender solicitude through the turmoil and storms of the centuries, it has come to us with the signs of truth and authenticity indelibly fixed by the stamp of years. It is not easy to find a definition for the Science of Numbers that shall be both brief and comprehensive. 

We may say, however, that it is a method of enumerations by means of which the life of men and things may be fixed and rounded out to a state of approximate completion by being brought into harmony with the laws of Omnipotence, According to the theories upon which it has been constructed, man and all his affairs are subject to a rule of what may be termed "divine mathematics."

 That is to say, the vibrations of the Infinite, which govern all things and control all circumstances in this world, can be expressed most satisfactorily — in view of the finite limits to our appreciation of divine things — by a system of mathematical notation. To bring this system down to the level of our confined plane of thought, that we may make use of it by applying it to our individual needs and experiences, men have found it advisable to express this truth by a series of Harmonies:

 (1) by letter; (2) by number; (3) by colour, and (4) by note or musical tone. 

In every respect, these four Harmonies bear a relation of perfect concord to one another. Thus, each name has its own numerical symbol, and each symbol is governed by the vibrations that play in and through the name, stand- ing in a certain ascertainable harmony to its respective colour and musical tone.

 According to the action of these vibrations, or in accordance with the degree of concordant or discordant relation in which the symbols stand to their Harmonies, the life of the Individual is turned into fortunate or unfortunate channels; into paths that are pleasant or unpleasant; into ways that are good, or ways that are bad.

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  • Author: Luo Clement
  • Publication date:1908
  • Company:: New York: Roger brothers

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