Read's lessons in salesmanship - PDF book by Harlan Eugene Read

Read's lessons in salesmanship 

Read's lessons in salesmanship

This course is specially prepared for students of the commercial branches. Its object is to train young people to sell goods in person and by mail, and to that end, it develops the idea throughout that salesmanship is at the foundation of all business success, because any transaction involving an agreement between two persons calls for the exercise of the salesmanship quality. Everybody needs to know how to *' talk business" and how to write business-getting letters. 

This is a course of fifty lessons on the simple principles of salesmanship and should occupy the time of one recitation period a day, five days a week, for ten weeks. It contains no startling or strange statements about salesmanship but is a simple, direct statement of the well-known fundamentals of the science of selling, arranged for the study of young men and women. 

Each day's work consists of a short lesson to be studied by the student, and an exercise or paragraph to be written.

Throughout Parts I and II these written exercises consist of arguments on the point of the lesson in each case. Throughout Part III the written exercises consist of letters, the letter for each lesson to embody in a practical way the instructions given in the lesson.
 It should be remembered that this course is as interesting and valuable for girls as for boys, its chief value being in the life and originality it will give to the writing of business letters.



Lesson 1. A fair bargain benefits both parties 5-8
Lesson 2. Outlines and definitions. Sales classified 9-14
Lessons 3-5. The customer 15-26
Lessons 6-8. The thing sold 28-41
Lesson 9. The salesman's house 41-45
Lesson 10. Your competitor's house. Other considerations. 45-49
Lessons 1 1-13. The salesman 50-67
Lesson 14. Selecting prospects. Planning visits 68-73
Lesson 15. The normal selling talk 73-76
Lessons 16-24. Answering objections 76-80

Lesson 25. Mind control. The five senses 81-89
Lessons 26-30. Presenting the argument. Process of a sale 89-1 16
Audience. Attention. Interest. Desire. Action.
Lessons 31-35. Practical applications 1 16-117
Lesson 36. Supplemental requirements 118-124

Lesson 37. Similarity to salesmanship in person 125-128
Lessons 38-39. Process of the sale by letter 1 29-137
Audience. Attention. Interest. Desire. Action.
Lesson 40. The five senses, in correspondence 137-139
Lesson 41. The length of a letter 139-144
Lessons 42-45. A series of form letters 144-150
Lessons 46-50. Test exercises 150-151

The book details :
  • Author: Harlan Eugene Read
  • Publication date: 1910
  • Company: Chicago, J.A. Lyons

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