Personal efficiency and mind power building - PDF book (1919) by Herbert Heywood

Personal efficiency and mind power building: course of 12 lessons

Personal efficiency and mind power building

All persons have an indefinite feeling that they possess faculties which if used would bring to themselves all that they desire. And they are right. Nature's instincts are true. That is why people are no longer satisfied with a doctrine of contentment. They want the knowledge that will enable them to climb higher in the commercial, professional and social world and attain their fondest desires. They want substantial, material things. Any knowledge that falls short of this fails to satisfy. 

To do greater things we must imitate nature, who attains her ends in a prodigal way. We have latent faculties that are crying aloud to be used so that they can bring abundance, and the more these faculties are used the more they grow and produce. These latent faculties are what we shall set forth and explain, with the practical application to the affairs of life. Every wide-awake man and woman now realizes a quickening of the pace of human life and affairs. 

To some this causes a feeling of doubt and apprehension whether they will be able to keep up their end in the race and work out their ambitions. A subtle fear has crept into the popular mind that we are approaching the breaking point when a greater proportion of men and women must drop out of the ranks of money earners at earlier ages than before. 

To all such modern science and the best rules of business, practice bears a message of joy and hope. New-found qualities of the mind revealed in research laboratories and in the crucible of great business enterprises show a realm of mental resources in mankind never dreamed of in the past.

 These latent faculties can be relied upon to carry men upward and forward without stress and strain if only the laws governing the mind are as well understood as the laws of mechanical operations. The best evidence of the truth of this statement is the fact that the biggest men and women in all lines of business and professional life are living demonstrations of it. They have found ways of carrying out big enterprises without wrecking their nervous systems.

 There is now as never before a tendency of men and women everywhere to study themselves, to search out the causes of growth, physical and mental, to discover the faculties that bring success and happiness, and to cultivate these faculties to the highest degree. 

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