The Black - PDF book by Edgar Wallace (1920)

The Black- by Edgar Wallace

The Black

Edgar Wallace was great at writing thriller and crime novels and most of his works turned into movies, he was the creator of King Kong, he always stands beside the bad men or the criminals by making them protagonists.

Review by Ariadne Deborah Fassel

A thoroughly enjoyable adventure in the grand style. An impressionable young woman and her spendthrift father, an unscrupulous suitor, a mysterious neighbour who might be a forerunner of The Saint by Charteris, and an unconventional detective perform in a not-quite melodrama. If they didn't make a movie out of this, they should have.

Some contents:

I. The Black
II. The Lady of Creith
III. The Head of the Creiths
IV. A Caller at Wold House
V. The Monkey and the Gourd
VI. Hamon Tells His News
VII. Into the Storm
VIII. The Robber
IX. Mr. Hamon Loses Money
X. The Frame-up
XI. Jane Smith
XII. Miss Lydia Hamon
XIII. Blackheath
XIV. Caught
XV. Joan Makes a Confession
XVI. Mr Hamon Is Shown Out
XVII. Gentle Julius
XVIII. The Trial
XIX. The Tea Shop
XX. A Caller
XXI. A Volume of Emerson

the book details :
  • Author: Edgar Wallace 
  • Publication date: 1920
  • Company: New York: A.L. Burt

  • Download The Black- 9.9 MB

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