A dictionary of political phrases and allusions - (1906) PDF by Hugh Montgomer

A dictionary of political phrases and allusions 

A dictionary of political phrases and allusions

A useful work of reference. The phrases and allusions are given in alphabetical order.

 In the end, there is a serviceable bibliography (27 pp.) containing publications, likely to be of assistance to politicians and journalists. The dates of important debates in Parliament are mentioned in the body of the work. 

Index of persons mentioned.

In compiling this work the authors have been much assisted by the publications of the Conservative Publication Department, the Liberal Publication Department, and the Liberal Unionist Council; by The Times newspaper; and by the reports of Hansard's Parliamentary Debates. 

They have to express their special thanks to Mr Will Crooks, M.P., Dr A. P. Hillier, Mr Charles Geake, the Secretary of the Liberal Publication Department; and also to Mr C. G. Hennings, the Secretary of the Conservative Central Office, who most kindly read through the proofs, and freely placed his political knowledge at the service of the authors.

book details : 
  • Author: Hugh Montgomery, and, Philip G. Cambray
  • Publication date1906
  • Company:London, S. Sonnenschein

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