The street of ink - PDF by H. Simoni

The street of ink, an intimate history of journalism

The street of ink

For three generations my family have lived in the Street of Ink for the best part of their lives, and, therefore, its story is to be of absorbing interest. Our office is full of the memories of great journalists, who came and went day by day, mostly for many years, as they had come and gone through the old building it replaced.

 It was a sound instinct to have put Delane among the makers of Victorian England, and none can understand the political and social life of the Empire today — the History of the Present — without they know something of the journals and the journalists who proclaim its ideals, echoes its thoughts and stimulate its activities. Your book will, 

I think, be important and useful to those who wish to read aright the meaning of this tremendous epoch.

Some contents:

I. Early Reminiscences.Ink.
2. The Birth of the Popular Press. Old and Journalism
3. The Times
4. The Morning Post
5. The Daily Telegraph...
6. The Daily News .....
7. The Daily Mail and the Evening News.
8. The Daily Chronicle and Lloyd's Weekly News
9. The Daily Express .....
10. Some Picture Papers: the Daily Mirror and the Sunday Pictorial...
11. Hulton's: the Daily Sketch and the Sunday Herald
12. The London Evening Papers: the Globe, the Westminster Gazette, the Evening Standard, the Pall Mall Gazette, and the Star .....
13. The London Financial and Sporting Papers: the
Financial Times, the Financial News, the Sporting Life and the Sportsman .....
14. The London Sunday Newspapers: the Observer, the Sunday Times, the News of the World, the Weekly
Dispatch, the Referee, the People, Reynolds's News-

 book details :
  • Author: H Simonis
  • Publication date: 1917
  • Company: London, New York, etc., Cassell and Company, Ltd.

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