The storm of London - PDF novel by F. Dickberry

The storm of London: a social rhapsody 

The storm of London
The storm of London

Some Positive Reviews:

"Clothes,' said Carlyle, 'gave us individuality, distinctions, social polity; Clothes have made men of us; they are threatening to make Clothes-screens of us." This truth has been developed in an audacious manner by the author, who is not lacking in sarcasm and humour, and in a lucky moment of inspiration he has produced a book which will find hosts of readers for its originality, will be a topic of the moment for its daring and will demand more permanent recognition for the truths which it unveils."

 St James's Gazette. 

"A book which is as amusing as it is audacious in its pictures of Society compelled to adopt the primitive attire of an Edenic age." 


" London is turned into a huge Eden peopled with Adams and Eves in all the pristine simplicity of the altogether nude." Aberdeen Journal.

" Any amount of wit and literary skill . . . the audacity of such a literary enterprise." Scotsman.

"A perfect saturnalia of nudity." Glasgow Herald

" Everybody should read this uncommon and curiously persuasive fiction, that by the aid of realism, humour, and of wistful fancy, conveys an impression not likely to be quickly lost." Dundee Advertiser.

"The author is at once bold and restrained in his picture of a London entirely deprived of clothes." T. P.'s Weekly.

"A daring idea . . . a book which should have many readers." Daily Mirror.

" We have seldom perused a more fascinating book; a most daring idea, most capably worked out. It is a book that no one should miss." 'Varsity.

the book details :
  • Author: F. Dickberry
  • Publication date: 1905F. Dickberry
  • Company: London J. Long

  • Download 9.7 MB
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