Genghis Khan - PDF book by Jacob Abbott

History of Genghis Khan

Contents of the book:
1. Pastoral life in Asia -- 2. The Mongols -- 3. Yezonkai Khan -- 4. The First Battle -- 5. Vang Khan -- 6. Temujin in Exile -- 7. Rupture with Vang Khan -- 8. Progress of the quarrel -- 9. The Death of Vang Khan -- 10. The Death of Yemuka -- 11. Establishment of the Empire -- 12. Dominions of Genghis Khan -- 13. The Adventures of Prince Kushluk -- 14. Idikut -- 15. The Story of Hujaku -- 16. Conquests in China -- 17. The Sultan Mohammed -- 18. The War with the Sultan -- 19. The Fall of Bokhara -- 20. Battles and sieges -- 21. Death of the Sultan -- 22. Victorious campaigns -- 23. Grand celebrations -- 24. Conclusion

from the introduction:

The word khan is not a name, but a title. It means chieftain or king. It is a word used in various forms by the different tribes and nations that from time immemorial have to inhabited- ed central Asia and has been applied to a great number of potentates and rulers that have from time to time arisen among them. Genghis Khan was the greatest of these princes. He was, in fact, one of the most renowned conquerors whose exploits history records. 

As in all other cases occurring in the series of histories to which this work belongs, where the events narrated took place at such a period or in such a part of the world that positively reliable and authentic information in respect to them can now no longer be obtained, the au- thor is not responsible for the actual truth of the narrative which he offers, but only for the honesty and fidelity with which he has com- piled it from the best sources of information now within reach.

Author: Jacob Abbott
  Publication Date:1904

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