Easy lessons in psychoanalysis- PDF (1921) by André Tridon

Easy lessons in psychoanalysis

Easy lessons in psychoanalysis

This is essentially a primer of psychoanalysis. It aims at presenting in simple language the essentials of a science which has reached a high degree of development and accuracy, but which like every other science, has been evolving and has not reached, nor will ever reach, the end of its evolution. As I will explain in the last chapter of this book, there have been several tendencies manifesting themselves in psychoanalysis. Freudians, Jungians and Adlerian do not always agree on minor points, altho they all agree as to the psychoanalytic viewpoint. Siding with any one of them is futile and causes one to exclude priceless material. 

The three tendencies can easily be combined. If to Freud's,, Jung's and Adler's hypothesis we add Kempf's theory of the personality and clarify mysteries of the unconscious by adopting Crile's electrical view of life, we finally have a body of doctrine based on solid scientific ground. Many psychoanalysts, following the line of least effort, have refused to deviate from the path blazed by Freud, and they have created among laymen the impression that the words Freudian and psychoanalytic were interchangeable terms. This is the more regrettable as some of the great pioneer's early and unavoidable ex- aggerations, especially in regard to sexuality, have appeared unacceptable to many scientists, for, as Jung wrote me once, "they only suit a certain kind of mentality."

Lesson I. The Psychoanalytic Viewpoint. i
Lesson II. Dreams and Their Meaning . . lo
Lesson III. The Mind and the Brain ... 19
Lesson IV. The Human Machine, Its Motor and Its Brake 26
Lesson V. The Conscious and the Unconscious 34
Lesson VI. Complexes and Education ... 45
Lesson VII. The Hereditary Taint ... 57
Lesson VIII. The Neurosis 68
Lesson IX. The Flight from Reality and the
Regression 75
Lesson X, Pen Pictures of Neurotics ... 86
Lesson XI. Genius and Neurosis . . . 
Lesson XII. Sex and Ego 107
Lesson XIII. The Psychoanalytic Treatment 119
Lesson XIV. A Psychoanalytic Who's Who 129


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