700 Chess Problems- PDF by W. J. Baird (1902 )

700 Chess Problems

700 Chess Problems
700 Chess Problems

The Chess Problems contained in this volume are the product of the labour and recreation of some fourteen years. I say "labour," because I am not such a Chess enthusiast as to believe that a collection such as this can be produced without persistent application partaking of the nature of work; and "recreation," because the work has been a pleasure — how great pleasure only a composer can fully realize. 

Although a large number of the problems have been republished in numerous papers at home and abroad, only the name of the publication in which each originally ap- peared is given. Exclusive of the prize list, in about a dozen cases with a view to an improvement, they have been more or less reset since their first appearance. 

The six added to this collection in let- terpress at the end of the Solutions are the last composed. To the best of my belief there is not a single instance of a dual continuation, and not being an admirer of dual mates, they are very few and far between. 

A list of prize problems will be found, but it must not be taken for granted that it contains the essence of the volume. Solutions are given in full for the benefit of those who are not far advanced in Problem Art. As will be seen, red represents the White, and blue the Black pieces.

The original edition was published by Henry Sotheran & Co, London, 1902. As the original preface indicates, it was printed in red and blue. In this edition, solutions have been converted from descriptive notation to algebraic, using the letter 'S' to indicate knights. 

The distinction between plain, double and discovered mates present in the original has not been retained, except as far as lines that were considered separately because of this distinction have also been kept separate in this edition. One example of this is the first and third lines in the solution to problem 24. Variations omitted from the original solutions, indicated by '&c.', have been added, in brackets. An extra section, containing publishing information (with occasional corrections of problem source), and notes about the problems taken from Mrs Baird's notebooks have been added after the solutions. The date

Author: W. J. Baird 
Publication Date: 1902 


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