collection of 20 occultism books for occultist readers

collection of 20 good general occultism books

occultism books

Collection of General occultism for occultism readers. 

The idea of "occult sciences" developed in the sixteenth century.[The term usually encompassed three practices—astrology, alchemy, and natural magic—although sometimes various forms of divination were also included rather than being subsumed under natural magic. These were grouped together because, according to the Dutch scholar of hermeticism Wouter Hanegraaff, "each one of them engaged in a systematic investigation of nature and natural processes, in the context of theoretical frameworks that relied heavily on a belief in occult qualities, virtues or forces."Although there are areas of overlap between these different occult sciences, they are separate and in some cases, practitioners of one would reject the others as being illegitimate.

 During the Age of Enlightenment, occultism increasingly came to be seen as intrinsically incompatible with the concept of science. From that point on, the use of "occult science" implied a conscious polemic against mainstream science. 

Nevertheless, the philosopher and card game historian Michael Dummett, whose analysis of the historical evidence suggested that fortune-telling and occult interpretations using cards were unknown before the 18th century, said that the term occult science was not misplaced because "people who believe in the possibility of unveiling the future or of exercising supernormal powers do so because the efficacy of the methods they employ coheres with some systematic conception which they hold of the way the universe functions...however flimsy its empirical basis.. In his 1871 book Primitive Culture, the anthropologist Edward Tylor used the term "occult science" as a synonym for magic.
  1. Advanced course in Yogi philosophy and oriental occultism 
  2. Beacon fires
  3. Demon possession and allied themes; being an inductive study of phenomena of our own times
  4. Henry Cornelius Agrippa's Fourth book of occult philosophy
  5. Letters from the teacher
  6. Magic and mystery is a popular history
  7. Magic, white and black; or, The science of finite and infinite life
  8. Manly Palmer Hall collection of alchemical manuscripts, 1500-1825.
  9. Occult psychology
  10. Occult science in India and among the ancients, with an account of their mystic initiations, and the history of spiritism
  11. pleasure and Pain An Essay on Practical Occultism
  12. Psychical research.pdf download
  13. Psychology, re-incarnation, soul, and its relations, or, The laws of being
  14. Secret lore of India and the one perfect life for all
  15. Self-mastery
  16. The Kybalion Hermetic Philosophy By Three Initiates 1912
  17. The duality of truth;
  18. The secrets of black arts
  19. The seventh seal
  20. Within the temple of Isis

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