Brainpower for businessmen -PDF by Annie Payson Call

Brainpower for businessmen

Brainpower for businessmen

In these days when the study and practice of economy in the management of the business is making such headway, it seems quite a time that we studied and practised the economy of that wonderful Having machine which is at the back of all business life — the economy of the human brain. 

The alertness of a good business mind is delightful. The what-to-do- 1 Brain Power for Business Men next state of a man's brain is ever- refreshing — especially when ideas come one after another that are directly constructive, and prove to partake a smart businessman who is " working on his nerves." He is not going to stop listening too much preaching as to how^ not to work on his nerves. 

He is going on headlong in his business interests and schemes until he is fortunate enough to break down. Then he must stop and see what the trouble is, and, if he has the character and the intelligence to do it, he will not only find out that the cause of his illness is too much strain, but he will eventually see that the too much strain has handicapped him right along. 

He will find that he has missed one good point because of straining for another, and if he has broken down far enough, and for long enough, he will wonder how he could have been such a fool as not to have recognized all this before. 

It is only downright common sense that will enable a man to recognize the fact that with a well-rested, well-nourished and well-balanced brain he| can see more quickly what to do, and can do it more effectively, than when he is working with a brain that is never really rested, that uses up all the nourishment he gives it in strain, and which 4 Brain Power for Business Men he often keeps artificially stimulated with whiskey, and consequently never really well balanced. 

Why need a man break down to find all this out? Why not find it out before he breaks down, and so not only protect himself from such illness altogether but gain more business power? If men had been in the habit of going through the business of every day with their feet tied together and hand-cuffs on. — if this had been the custom from generation to generation, for years back, so that no one had known any other way, — would it not be a great surprise and even a puzzle to see a man trying to work without his handcuffs and with his feet untied?

I. The Strain of Business
II. Business Rush.
III. Business Worries.
IV. Competition
V. Other Men
VI. The Strain of Debt.
VII. The Remedy

book details :
  • Author: Annie Payson Call
  • Publication date:1911
  • Company: Boston, Little, Brown and Company

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