Advertising, its principles and practice - by Harry Tipper - PDF ebook

Advertising, its principles and practice 

Advertising, its principles and practice

This volume is the outgrowth of two years' experience by the authors in developing the work of the Advertising Division of New York University. 
During this period they found that the most serious hindrance to education in preparation for advertising was the lack of suitable text-books. Many valuable books existed, it is true, but most of them seemed either too specialized or too narrow, or lacking in fundamentals. 

This condition led the four authors to collaborate in the writ- ing of this text-book. The distinctive feature of the book is its attempt to com- bine all the various arts and sciences that enter into the work of advertising and to give the fundamentals of each with ref- erence to all the others. It includes the economic, psycholog- ical, and physical factors, together with the essential principles of artistic arrangement and English composition as applied to the construction of advertisements.

 Finally, it sums up all these parts in the actual operation of an advertising campaign. Although the book is simple enough to be understood by the student of advertising who has had no experience, it should be almost equally valuable to the advanced practitioner who wishes a broader view of some phases of his profession. Principles have constantly been stressed, but practical aspects have not been neglected. 

The authors acknowledge their indebtedness to many special treatises on advertising. They acknowledge special indebted- ness to the Alexander Hamilton Institute for permission to use material from its Modern Business text on Advertising by Hotchkiss and Tipper.

Some contents of the book:

Part I — The Economic Factors in Advertising

I What Is Advertising? 3
Recent Growth
Lack of Exact Definition
General Limitations of Advertising
Efficiency of Advertising
Testing Efiiciency
Advertising Has Changed Marketing Ideas
Advantage of Written Over Spoken Word
Print Has Implied Accuracy
II The Way in Which Advertising Is Used ... 14
General Functions of Advertising.
Advertising as a Control
Advertising as a Missionary
Advertising as an Economic Distribution Factor
Advertising as a Direct Selling Force
The Economic Relation of Advertising to Marketing Cost
Increase in Efficiency of Salesman
Effect Upon the Distributor
Value to the ^Manufacturer
III The Factors Which Determine the Kind and
Extent of Advertising 24
Underlying Conditions
Factory Organization and Output
Price and Value
Packages — Size
Packages — Individuality
Amount of Individual Purchase
Number of Individual Purchases Per Year
The Amount Per Unit Per 1,000 Allowable for Advertising
The Possibility of Economic Use
Greatest with Specialized Good
Information Required Before Advertising
Difterent Situation from Personal Selling
First General Consideration — Production
Second Consideration — Marketing
Third Consideration — Sales and Advertising Organization
Signiticant Points
Useful Comparison
Exceptional Case
Abnormal Conditions — Need for Study of Them
Part II — The Psychological Factors in Advertising
IV The Psycho-economic Role of Advertising . . 49
Four Main Problems
Knowledge of the Market
Knowledge of the Commodity
Establishing the Association
Making the Association Dynamic
V The Original Needs of Human Beings ... 60
Characteristic Animal Needs
The Needs of Primitive Men
The Civilized Human Being
Appealing to the Three Tendencies
VI The Chief Human Instincts, Needs and Emotions 70
Classification of Instincts
Suggestive List of Instincts and Emotions
The Relative Strength of Instincts and Interests
VII Analysis of the Commodity 80
Application of the Table of Persuasiveness
The Forms and Varieties of Advertisements
Use of the Rationalization Appeal
VIII Establishing Associations 93
The Importance of Association
The Law of Contiguity
The Law of Sequence
The Law of Feeling Tone
The Law of Fusion
Literary- and Artistic Aspects of Copy
1. Form and Arrangement
2. Color
3. Words
4. Typography
5. Illustrations

book details :
  • Author:Harry Tipper
  • Publication date: 1919
  • Company:New York : Ronald Press

  • Download - 26 MB - PDF rbook

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