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The mysteries of the heart doctrine

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By the issue of "The Mysteries of the Heart Doctrine" the public teaching of Theosophy is removed from the domain of pure intellectualism, and is so adapted as to appeal to the real and permanent interests of the Humanity which it seeks to serve. 

The mind of the World would already be ablaze with Theosophy and its practical expression of Universal Brotherhood had not this consummation been largely thwarted by the restrictions of a mere Theosophic intellectualism, which it is the object of this work to counteract and remove

. At the inception of the Theosophical Movement, towards the end of the last century, two great obstacles militated against its immediate advance and success. The first of these was the intellectual fever of the age, the eager pursuit of new theories without any regard to their application to human life, thus obscuring the a6lual and permanent mission of Theosophy. 

The second obstacle was the limited perception of many of those who gathered around the Teachers, H. P. Blavatsky and W. Qز Judge, professing great devotion and assuming to be exponents of the high ideals, but who were indifferent to the application of the ennobling and purifying teachings in their lives or the demonstration inaction of its practical and vital message. 

And while there were others whose hearts responded to its inner meaning and purport, even many of these lacked the necessary wisdom to make of themselves open channels through which its forces might flow out- ward into the world. Obstacles such as these have had their inevitable result, not alone in retarding the influence which Theosophy might otherwise have exercised, but also in delaying the wider teaching of a philosophy which, from its very nature had to be revealed by gradual stages.

 Anything approaching a full exposition of Theosophic truths would have been an unloosing of waters in so great a volume that they would have been beyond the comprehension of the masses and beyond their power to apply them consecutively. It would have been like teaching Greek to a child, and did not Christ say "I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now." It is only as the basic principles are understood and as they are applied to and permeate men's lives and acts, broadening and purifying them, that it becomes possible to advance further and interpret more fully the "Mysteries of the Heart Doctrine." 

If they are studied only intellectually the key is lost and Theosophy remains a dead letter. The production of this volume is but the outward expression of an advance from within, a forward movement which exacts from the student conduct of his own life in strict conformity with his professions, and in this way, The Universal Brotherhood and Theosophical Society have become a channel through which the teachings of the Wisdom-Religion may pass to the world be-yond in ever-larger volume and in ever greater purity. 

Although but a glimpse of this all-embracing philosophy has yet been given to humanity, its progress will be sustained, triumphant and rapid, and that progress will be accompanied by an ever wider exposition. The advanced treatise of today will be but the primer of ten years hence. 

Theosophy has come into the world as a permanent addition to its knowledge and to its thought. However faulty may have been its external structure in the past, its future is already provided for to the exclusion of former hindrances and defects. That future rests within the hands of the children, who have been gathered from many nations, and are now being trained in the atmosphere of Raja Yoga, the unchanging Science of the Soul. For those who truly seek the Light, this book will be a stepping-stone to the knowledge that redeemeth all men.


Part 1
Point Loma and Its Legend
The Pillar of the World
The Lost Chord in Modern Civilization
Rise, O Sun
Theosophy Applied to Daily Life
Theosophy and Christianity
Right Thoughts about Karma
Theosophy for the Young
Human Limitations
The Drama
Capital Punishment
The Death Farce
Theosophy and Science

Part 2
Review and Outlook of the Theosophical Movement
World Teachers...
That Strange Woman, H. P. Blavatsky
William Q^ Judge
Theosophical Sign-Posts

the book details :
  • Author: Katherine A. Tingley
  • Publication date: 1902
  • Company: Point Loma, Cal., The Theosophical publishing company

  • Download The mysteries of the heart doctrine - PDF ebook - 11.6 MB

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